AI Roundtable/Panel

Brian is a true innovator in the Artificial Intelligence World!
I recently had the privilege of moderating the Realtors Association of Hamilton-Burlington AI panel featuring Brian and was very impressed with his depth of knowledge and the ease of which he articulates his thoughts.

Any audience would come away enlightened and intrigued after spending some time with Brian!
Dan Gies  Broker/Manager at Royal LePage State Realty speaking engagements

Integrating Technology

I’ve worked with Brian to validate and identify possibilities for a new project in the residential planning and design field. His knowledge of artificial intelligence and integration of technology into a new domain was extremely valuable in developing the concept. Brian is a pleasure to work with, he is engaging, attentive and professional and I look forward to continuing working with him on future opportunities. - Philippe Beauparlant, Founder & Principal Beauparlant Design speaking engagements

Workshop for Management Consultants

At the close of the two-day learning, participants shared this to the group: 

“I’m going to share on LinkedIn how I can use this knowledge to help my clients” 

“I now believe that knowledge of AI will be a differentiating factor for a consultant.” 

“There are practical applications of AI that weren’t there 2 to 3 years ago and this field will accelerate. If we don’t get in now the learning curve will be higher and more difficult later. I found the last two days incredibly valuable. I realized that I did indeed need to learn about AI.” speaking engagements

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Brian's Experience

"Sharing of Brian's experience Interaction and discussion . Good references and content. At the right level for the audience. Good questions for small group exercises -- very practical." speaking engagements

AI's Importance

"Excellent overall and really resonated with me. AI is another huge opportunity for consultants to help clients develop strategies for disruptive technologies, change management, and leadership as they work toward successful trials and implementation. on site workshop set up gave opportunities for a lot of good exchanges amongst participants, something much more difficult online." speaking engagements

Workshop Format

"I liked the foundational content and the workshop format. A lot of the learning and discussion was dialogue and participant directed." speaking engagements

Deep Dive on AI

"The content was interesting and the presenter was very knowledgeable and engaging. I enjoyed the opportunity we had as a group to dive deeper into discussion and hear many different perspectives." speaking engagements

Great Discussion

"Discussion amongst participants, real-life and applicable examples of AI, use of multi-media, applicability to management consultants" speaking engagements