brian joins xmonks


Brian Lenahan joins India-based xMonks (Previously Inspire Coaching Systems) 

xMonks, led by founder Gaurav Arora, MCC (ICF), is an "Ecosystem that brings to you world’s leading warrior monks in their respective streams for personal transformation and leadership development." 'Monks' from around the world are participating in this new venture.   

Brian's passion for augmenting human coaching with digital, #AI -powered tools was the genesis for his 2019 book "Digital Coach: Coaching in the Era of Artificial Intelligence" ( The book will be the basis of future interactive sessions to be announced through the xMonks site (  

Here's to the future of coaching and the benefits coaching clients will achieve.  #artificialintelligence #aistrategy #aiforgood #aiforhealth #aiforall #coachingprofesional #coaching #coachingbusiness #coaches


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Brian's first book is highlighted in the Alumni section of the first issue of 2020. 



Brian's books offer business people the insight they need to become fluent with the strategy that accompanies artificial intelligence. 

Available on, this trilogy of books is not meant for coders or programmers. They are intended for those making choices about introducing artificial intelligence technology into their business. Privacy, bias, investment, opportunity, culture and much more are discussed in "Artificial Intelligence: Foundations for Business Leaders and Consultants". 

For coaches, you can augment your practice and differentiate your offering leveraging tips and tools identified in "Digital Coaching: Coaching in the Era of Artificial Intelligence".

For students, you will be able to improve your chances of success in the world of AI of the future. Brand new jobs that don't exist today, new coding training programs, new  support from your local community are all discussed in Brian's upcoming book "AI: Transitions". 

Why 'Digital Coach' is a Must-Read for Coaches


Reviews of 'Digital Coach' from readers:

"I just finished the book this morning and I recommend it to anyone involved in coaching and anyone interested in knowing more about the influence of AI on our way of doing business, changes are happening faster than you think!  I m a PMC Certified Coach and have known Gilles Rochefort since 2016 and understanding the importance of a coaching culture within an organisation and the role AI will have on enhancing this is not only an opportunity, it will become the norm."                                           

                                                                                                                                        Daniel R. Sigouin, Certified Coach  

"Highly Recommended! Excellent read!"                                              John M. Zazzera, Senior Executive, FIS 

Get your copy at 

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