Brian's Sept. 25, 2019 presentation called "Mastering AI Strategy" to the AIGeeks meetup in Toronto.

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Brian Lenahan speaks to group at Haltech in Burlington, Ontario.

Mastering AI Strategy

You've got great ideas for your artificial intelligence capabilities yet are struggling to make them successful.  Brian provides 5 proven success strategies for Artificial Intelligence

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AI in 2020: How AI Will Impact Your Business & Career

Senior leaders who want to know more about how AI will change jobs, roles , tasks and culture need to hear this. artificial intelligence speaking topics public speaking

Developing an AI Strategy for Your Business

For business leaders, a practical discussion of tools, tips, tactics to more effectively leverage AI

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How Will AI Impact Coaching?

Brian's second book "Digital Coach: Coaching in the Era of Artificial Intelligence"  provides brand new insights into how coaches can apply AI in their practice to elevate their offering

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IT Teams and AI

Senior IT leaders are struggling with developing a roadmap that incorporates Artificial Intelligence. Through stories, anecdotes, research and trends, Brian offers IT teams a comfortable way to drive their thinking about integrating AI.

Accelerating Innovation Through AI

In person seminar for entrepreneurs and start-ups. How to leverage AI to reduce time to market for innovations.

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Discover How To Think About AI

Business leaders, executives, managers and individual contributors can apply Brian's 'AI Paradigm' to discuss artificial intelligence within your teams 

Business be Bullish on AI

Artificial Intelligence can improve operational effectiveness, reduce costs, support customer service, and so much more. It does not have to be complex. Reach out to us for more information.