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Artificial Intelligence for Management Consultants

As much as any other industry, management consulting will be disrupted by AI, and participants in this workshop will leap ahead of their peers. 

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AI in 2019: How AI Will Impact Your Business & Career

Senior leaders who want to know more about how AI will change jobs, roles , tasks and culture need to hear this. artificial intelligence speaking topics public speaking

Developing an AI Strategy for Your Business

For business leaders, a practical discussion of tools, tips, tactics to more effectively leverage AI

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How Will AI Impact Coaching?

Brian's second book "Digital Coach: Coaching in the Era of Artificial Intelligence" 

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IT Teams and AI

Senior IT leaders are struggling with developing a roadmap that incorporates Artificial Intelligence. Through stories, anecdotes, research and trends, Brian offers IT teams a comfortable way to drive their thinking about integrating AI.

Why Artificial Intelligence is so Critical in Landing Corporate Contracts in 2019 & Beyond

Video  seminar conducted within an online summit covering what AI is, and if you're not thinking about AI within the sales context you may be missing out.

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